Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Narrative Art Drawing Workshop at ESSA

Narrative Art Drawing Workshop  
at Eureka Springs School of the Arts
Monday, Aug. 6th - Friday, Aug. 10th 
This week-long class I'm teaching is designed to give an overview of basic drawing and the narrative art medium. We will work in industry sizes and specs, covering a wide variety of narrative approaches from documentary to slice of life stories. Students will work in a variety of media as well. Set-ups, timing, props, choice of shot, and character development are all emphasized.

This is a unique experience to be teaching a class in the town that is the setting for my upcoming documentary graphic novel What Follows Is True...Crescent: The Baker Years.  I will be discussing  the production of this book and showing examples as well.  For more information about ESSA, visit them on the web atessaart.org.  

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